Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there minimum bid requirements (reserves)?

Late Model Car Auctions – Most vehicles are sold to the highest bidder, Occasionally a vehicle may have a minimum selling price.

Classic Car and Motorcycle Auctions – The consignor (seller) has the option of setting a reserve amount on the vehicle, or selling it with no minimum bid requirement.

2. Can I sell my vehicle at the auction? What will it cost to sell my vehicle?

Late Model Car Auctions – We no longer take private consignments.

Classic Car Auctions and Motorcycle Auctions – Yes, if your vehicle has a minimum bid requirement (reserve), you pay an entry fee upon application, and a commission based on the selling price of the vehicle; if your vehicle is sold with no minimum bid requirement (no reserve), an entry fee is charged, then credited back to you in your seller's check. You do pay commission based on the selling price.

3. Can I write a personal or company check to pay for my vehicle?

Yes, you can write a check. However, you must have a major credit card (no debit cards accepted) to back up the full amount of the check plus an additional 3%. The credit card transaction is an authorization of funds in case the check does not clear (NSF, STOP PAY, etc.) At the Minneapolis Classic Car Auctions and National Motorcycle Auctions, you may bring a Letter of Guarantee from your bank in lieu of the credit card authorization. An example of this letter is available.

4. Do I have to be a dealer to purchase at your auctions?

No, you do not need to be a dealer. Our auctions are open to the public. If you are a dealer, please notify us at bidder registration and bring a copy of your dealer’s license.

5. Do the vehicles need to be at the auction?

Yes, the seller is responsible for bringing the vehicle to the auction. We can assist you in locating transportation if necessary.

6. Does my deposit go towards the purchase price if I buy a vehicle?

Yes, if you purchase a vehicle the deposit goes towards your purchase.

7. How many vehicles are sold with reserves?

Classic Car Auctions - Approximately 80% of the vehicles consigned have a reserve. Motorcycle Auctions - Approximately 50% of the vehicles consigned have a reserve.

8. How much do the vehicles/motorcycles sell for?

Late Model Car Auctions – Sold prices are usually at or below wholesale value. Classic Car & Motorcycle Auctions – Sold prices average around book value, however some vehicles will sell below book value and we always hit a home run or two!

9. If I don’t buy a vehicle what happens to my deposit?

Your cash or credit card deposit is returned to you after you return your bid number and wait 15-30 minutes.

10. If I purchase a vehicle, when does it have to be removed from the auction site?

Late Model Car Auctions – All vehicles must be removed by 6pm the day of the auction. A $25 transport fee is charged to transport the vehicle to our Roseville Office.

Classic Car & Motorcycle Auctions – All vehicles must be removed by 12noon the day following the auction, a $50 transport fee will be charged if the vehicle needs to be transported to our Roseville Office or storage facility (time and price subject to change).

11. What are the requirements to bid on a vehicle?

A $500 refundable deposit (cash or credit card) and driver’s license.

12. What if I purchase a vehicle and I decide I do not want it anymore?

Once the auctioneer says the vehicle is "SOLD" you own the vehicle and are legally bound to purchase. If you are unable to purchase for many, many, different reasons your deposit will be forfeited.

13. What is the reserve amount?

Reserve amounts are never disclosed. We can supply you with an approximate range of the reserve. Once the reserve has been met on the auction block, the auctioneer will announce that the vehicle is for sale.

14. What time does the auction start?

Monthly Late Model Car Auctions – Auction begins at 11am, doors open for vehicle preview at 8am and bidder registration begins at 9am.

Classic Car Auctions & Motorcycle Auctions – Auction begins at 10am, doors open for vehicle preview at 8am.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction - Thursday, auction begins at 7pm. Friday, Auction begins at 10am, doors open at 9am. Saturday, auction begins at 9am, doors open at 8am.

These times may vary so please contact us prior to the auction to validate the times specified.

15. Where do the vehicles/motorcycles come from that you sell in the auction?

Late Model Car Auctions – The vehicles are from local dealer overstocks and city seized.

Classic Car and Motorcycle Auctions – All vehicles are privately consigned by individuals around the country.