“At the recent 2008 Las Vegas auction, Mid America sold one of my motorcycles. And it was absolutely painless. I didn’t have to advertise in the local papers….didn’t have to put up with “tire kickers” offering me a laughably low price. I called Haul Bikes (they were great, by the way) who carefully loaded the bike into a specially constructed 40′ semi truck. The motorcycle sold for a fair price at the auction and the check was sent to me promptly. And everything was accomplished without leaving my house, since I was unable to attend the auction.
The Mid America people I spoke to on the phone were all polite, efficient, and helpful. To say that I am happy with my Mid America experience would be an understatement.
My thanks to you and your company.”
P.H. – Lake Forest, California

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a truly amazing first time experience. although I attended auctions here in Europe regularly, I found your enthusiasm and showmanship highly infectious. It turns a mundane chore into an interesting and envigorating experience. Furthermore I would like to thank you personally for sorting out my payment which arrived just on time.”
Jim Motoren – British Bike Specialist

“Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the extremely enjoyable auction experience in Las Vegas. It certainly made my trip to the west from New Hampshire every bit worth it! I have been an avid vintage Honda motorcycle collector, restorer and racer for many, many years. I have attended vintage motorcycle auctions in Daytona, Florida for many years, but this was my very first of your auctions. I was very impressed with your auctions in so many ways. Your staff member s were friendly, very efficient and organized. I was surprised by the efficiency in handling the purchase paperwork. Your auctioneers were not only talented in their skills, but very entertaining, punctuating the otherwise rather dry activity with humor. I really appreciated the way you valued our time by moving the event along in a very timely manner. Ron, your energy level, knowledge and organizational skills were clearly noticed and appreciated. I would like to compliment you and your staff for a very successful event. I am already looking forward to attending your Auction next year.”
-George DeCamp- Hawk Racing

“I would just like to take this opportune time to express to MidAmerica Auctions my sincere personal thanks and grateful appreciation concerning and regarding the most excellent, organized and outstanding job that each and everyone of you did to make your Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction such a great success and so much motorcycle oriented fun! I have had and enjoyed a burning passion and love for classic cars and motorcycles over the past 40 years. Buying, selling, and trading them as well as enjoying driving cars and riding motorcycles. I was indeed very much impressed with the great quality as well as reasonable and affordable prices that your motorcycles sold for. I really enjoyed being at the auction looking at and taking pictures of the motorcycles, talking with your staff as well as with all of the many collectors, owners and all the motorcycle enthusiasts who were there at your auction.”
-Edward J Kelsch

“My wife and I enjoyed attending your recent Las Vegas Antique Motorcycle Auction. Despite the tough economy and the challenges that come with it, I thought you and your organization made the most of it and got some good prices for the sellers. During the auction, you made several kind remarks regarding Buzz Christophersen, Dale Matteson and myself and the quality of our restorations. I greatly appreciate your recognition of the effort and quality of work that many restorers put into their projects. You should have seen the smile on Buzz’s face when I told him what you said about him from the stage in Las Vegas. It meant a lot to him. I’ll be at your future auctions.”
-Lars Petersen

“I felt the auction was a good venue for me as I was uncomfortable advertising. I was told everything to expect, yet they were very patient with my additional questions. I was treated respectfully by all and when my car was up on the block, Ron went above and beyond to talk it up to the crowd. And kudos to the bidders and spectators as well. It was a fun couple of days of “car talk.” Even though my car didn’t sell at the auction, it was still a good experience and gave me confidence to sell it on my own.”
-Julia Fitzsimmons